How my journey began:

I was not someone who was interested in school and the subjects given.

I decided to study somotology at the International Academy of Health and Skin care, which is where I achieved my master’s diploma in the beauty industry.
By 2003, I left for London to gain experience as well as travel the world, but as soon as I got into the working environment, that is pretty much where I stayed for the next 6 years.

Krystle Gerber Family

After the first year of hard work, I fell ill and my stomach was not quite the same as it was before. Was it stress? Was it the food? What was it? Luckily, for me I worked at a clinic called Galen Naturopathic Centre in Richmond where I was treated with Herbs and Colon hydrotherapy.

My interest grew in Colon hydrotherapy to the point that I decided to study further and practice what had just cured me from IBS.

I have never looked back, and love treating patients with the same issues I had previously suffered from. I was an inspired Colon Hydrotherapist!

After giving birth to my first daughter, I decided to leave London and come back to South Africa to open my own practice.