Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the ultimate 7 day tissue cleanse?

Krystle Gerber (I-act) offers an adapted version of the famous Dr Bernard Jensens programme. During the programme, clients fast for a total of 7 days on fruit juices and focused supplementation while receiving colon hydrotherapy treatments. During the fast, one’s blood sugar is perfectly balanced, keeping hunger to a minimum.
The result is a completely detoxified and rejuvenated body, leaving you full of energy and experiencing life like never before.

What are colonics and why are they necessary?

Colonics are the infusion of microfiltered water into the colon in order to wash away impacted and putrifying waste. The health benefits of a clean colon are far reaching and numerous.

Is the procedure painful?

While some people do experience mild diarrhea like cramps, most people experience no discomfort whatsoever.

How much weight can i expect to lose?

The average is between 3-5kgs. Although weight loss is a desirable side effect, the aim of the programme is increased digestive functioning often leading to our clients acheiving their goal weights.

What is the fasting procedure?

Clients book an appointment where a medical history is taken and supplements for the fast supplied and the procedure is explained. You will begin your fast on a Sunday morning and continue fasting until Friday. You will spend an average of an hour in the clinic each day – appointments are arranged at your convenience.

Won't "good" bacteria be washed away?

Bacteria regenerates at a rate of 3 billion per second, therefore most of the bacteria washed away regenerate very quickly, however you will be given oral bacteria supplements to maintain a healthy balance.

Won't I be hungry during the fast?

Absolutely not – the vast majority of clients receive better nurition during the fast than in their normal lives.

Will I be able to work during my fast?

We encourage you to continue your life as normal. As you continue your fast, you will find you have more energy than ever before.