10 Effective ways to Detox and Cleanse

Today, and over the next 2 weeks I am going to be guiding you through the 10 most effective ways to Detox and cleanse the body of matter and toxic waste that we have accumulated from years of abuse.
Now that we have established that there may be a problem, let’s look at solutions.

Simple changes to our daily lifestyle and eating patterns will change who we are and what we are, as you know the saying, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”

10 effective ways to Detox and Cleanse

1st step – Alkalisation and eating Raw

In order to understand the concepts of overall detoxing, cleansing and health it is important to understand the concept of alkalisation. There are a number of supplements that you can take to help the detoxing and cleansing process , however none of them are special enough to alkalise our bodies, for that I’m afraid we need to eat more raw , organic, plant based, fibre rich, nutrient-dense foods especially green leafy veg.

2nd step- supplements

WOW… there are so many supplements and herbs available to us in order to fast track our cleansing process: the following supplements are going to help you Detox daily.

Probiotics- probiotics are microscopic, good bacteria, it’s the bodies first line of defence against harmful organisms and microbes

Fibre- increases the bulk of the stools, allowing the colon to excrete more efficiently.

Enzymes- control all the metabolic functions of the body. Enzymes also help protect our bodies against premature ageing and disease.

Zeolites and MSM- it is a mineral compound that contains more than 60 trace minerals and 12 amino acids.Zeolites take on toxins and clear out contaminants.

Fulvic Acid – one of the best electrolytes known and is able to restore electrical potential to our cells

Anti-Parasite formulas –intestinal parasites not only consume your food but more importantly excrete toxins into your body. If your gut is weakened they can also get into your bloodstream causing major damage to organs.

3rd step- herbal colon cleansing program

By taking the first two steps eating raw and taking supplements, just that extra colon-cleansing herb will boost your system to its full capacity.

4th Step- Colonics

Colonics are an important healing tool during a cleanse, they are best done during a Detox or juicing fast, to facilitate the release of stuck fecal matter and toxins from your system. Once the large intestine has been flushed using colonics it is easier for the digestive system to release toxins more effectively from your system.

5th Step- Juice fasting

The process of digestion uses up alot of energy. By giving your body a break for a few days, you speed up the detoxification process. When you do a juice fast you get all the minerals and goodness from the fruits and vegetables absorbed directly into your body, without putting the body under the strain of digestion.

6th Step- Water

The best drinking water is spring water –nature has already figured out the filtration solution, which is good quality spring water filtered through rock and minerals. We need to flush out toxins through both ends, using colonics and drinking enough water. Disease stems from our bodies being dehydrated, as cells cannot effectively release toxins without adequate hydration.

7th Step-Breathing

Deep abdominal breathing oxygenates our systems which supercharges us with energy as well as creating an environment of vitality internally that fights off disease.

8th Step- Exercise

Your body is designed to move! Without exercise, we stagnate. Exercise stimulates the movement of the lymph system, which is responsible for escorting toxins out of our bloodstream for excretion. Without exercise, these toxins build up in our bodies. It’s like living in a house where the toilet is constantly overflowing with waste, stinking out the entire building… YES, that sounds horrible

9th Step- Grounding

Our earth is covered with free electrons. Free electrons support health by acting as antioxidants, reducing inflammation and pain. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the earth. The ocean is one of the best places to do this. An amazing benefit of being grounded is that your body’s electric field can discharge the build up of radiation.

10th Step – mental and emotional cleansing

Relaxation and meditation is vitally important, practice GRATITUDE. Make a list of what you grateful for today and give thanks. Live with passion!

I really hope that this helps all of you, please comment or ask questions related to this blog.